MobyDick sin limites




Herman Melville’s masterpiece, rewritten without ever using the letter "e"

A different adventure which uses a classic to show there are no limitations that prevent us from experiencing wonderful stories.


The Book

Moby Dick Sin Límites is a unique reworking of Herman Melville’s masterpiece written without using any words which contain the letter “e”, the most commonly used letter in the language.

The book seeks to support and inspire people with disabilities by showing on page after page that there are no limitations which can halt their efforts to experience different but equally wonderful stories every day.

As it has been written without using any words containing the letter “e”, Captain Ahab is obsessed by and chases a legendary giant octopus instead of a ferocious whale, he is missing an arm and not a leg, and the story takes place in Cuba and not Nantucket. The disability of not being able to use such an important letter means the story changes of course, yet it can also be inspiring and wonderful.

This publishing project by FNAC is supported by Down Spain and the CERMI and advocates the social inclusion and empowerment of all people with disabilities through culture.

Look inside

Read and share some excerpts from the book written without the letter "e".

"Captain Ahab was a scary looking man. Not what I had thought at all. His right arm was missing, torn off by an octopus in a hunt that cost him his joy too. Dark hair and cobalt visual organs. An odd gait probably ‘cos of his arm. Our captain was a man full of fury and angst."

"My blood was pumping, it was foggy. It did start to rain and my arms hurt, but I did carry on rowing. Soon I did spot a long arm in lagoon. An octopus did crop up by our boat. I throw a harpoon and hit it, a loud cry from hurt animal."

"Our boat ran constantly as a liquid buckaroo that surfs calmly all turmoils of any hush translucid road that waits on our horizon. No compass will mark our path. Our boat was improving its condition, and also our mood was improving as if our ship was also a kind of mirror of our souls."

"All sailors know fictions of unfit ships that had found a catastrophic and disastrous way to kill all humans onboard. Ghosts boats that run smoothly with a fog surrounding it on distant bays until it is found out horribly scaring all humans that watch just a sight of that show."

"A loud and noisy ash of lighting prior to a sound of cracking wood. That rumbling storm is hurting our ship with all its might. With two additional impacts, our big boat would crack and sink. A grown-up sailor got to piss in his pants during that noisy storm and call aloud for his mummy."

"It swims slowly towards Pod, without worrying about our ammo or about our will to nish with its living. But truly nobody can know if Moby Dick was just curious or was starting a grisly attack following his calamitous plan. I saw it now, and it was humongous, it was a diabolic animal."

Our cause

The vision shared by FNAC, the CERMI and DOWN SPAIN is that all people with disabilities can achieve the life goals they set themselves as active citizens with full rights.

We work together to uphold the rights and interests of people with disabilities in all areas of their lives. We do this by driving social awareness and advocacy actions such as Moby Dick Sin Límites which show there are no limitations that prevent us from experiencing wonderful stories.

They are actions which really do make a difference and whose purpose is to promote non-discrimination, equal opportunities, social emancipation and in general improvement in the quality of life of people with disabilities.

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